Posted by PicasaWhen my sister Pat was three years old our parents bought a grocery store in Chappaqua. I fondly remember holding hands with her as we went to sleep in our beds at night in a back apartment above the store.
During the summer after she graduated from high school she announced she was going in the convent. This took our family by surprise and the news hit my mother quite hard. My friend Dick from Tarrytown, who happened to be at our house when my sister made the announcement, tried to make light of it by saying “Oh Mrs. Sheridan, you haven’t lost a daughter…. you’ve gained a sister!” “Oh no, no, no,” cried my mother. Well, the shock took time to heal for my mother, but mom eventually was very proud of her
daughter being a principal of an elementary school for nine years and giving mom devoted care in her own last years. She also gave loving care to our father.

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