Rhinebeck Antiques Fair – Memorial Day 2014

Rare pieces, vintage items, funky stuff and everything in between can be found at an antique show. The Rhinebeck Antiques Fair is celebrating its 38th anniversary in 2014 and this is one show that draws people back each and every year. The dedicated organizers of this event ensure that visitors are treated to the most exceptional and unique antiques. For the dealers and visitors who come every year, it is show that never fails to impress.
You may be one who doesn’t collect antiques but the treasures that can be found at this fair just may change your mind! Sometimes a certain piece can take you down memory lane in a glance. You may remember using something as a child or seeing an item in a family members home. Antiques always represent a certain era in human history. The beauty of a certain antique may simply draw you in and you can see a place for it in your home in an instant. Antiques tell stories and the dealers who bring them often love to tell the history of the pieces they have brought. Knowing the history of antiques is often what makes people fall in love with them even more. It can be magical to hold something in your hand and just wonder about whom it belonged to, where it traveled and who else has held it. Sometimes a collectible just strikes a cord within.
Important Details:
Date: May 24-25, 2014
Time: Saturday: 10am-5pm, Sunday: 11am-4pm
6550 Springbrook Ave
Rhinebeck, NY
Cost: $10 for adults & children under 12 are free
Whether you are a professional antique shopper or just looking for something special to do on Memorial Day, this fair in Rhinebeck, NY is perfect! We look forward to seeing you.


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