All About Art in The Hudson Valley, NY

Great art is timeless. Whether it is impressionism, abstract, realism, Baroque, or pieces from the Early Renaissance, art has a way of transcending barriers, evoking thought, stirring emotions, and helping you see people and every day objects in a whole new light. Some deem galleries as only interesting for the “artsy” type but in reality, there is much to be learned and gained by the great local artists that hail from the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Throughout the Hudson Valley you can find a myriad of wonderful art galleries—perfect for an afternoon outing or as part of a special evening celebration with a loved one. There are many within a short driving distance from The Caldwell House so for our guests coming in for a getaway this season, we’ve compiled a list that you can just print out and take with you as you go!

Ann Street Gallery in Newburgh, NY – Located downtown in The Cornerstone Residence, this gallery specializes in contemporary established and emerging artists.

Art Works in Warwick, NY – This wonderful place is stocked with jewelry, mosaics, sculptures, pottery, wood carvings, stained glass, photography, and much more – all one of a kind creations from local artists.

Bertoni Gallery in Sugar Loaf, NY – Owner Rachel Bertoni-Finstad has a myriad of incredible fine arts, crafts, and jewelry at her gallery. Bertoni also offers jewelry making classes if you are up for learning something new!

Clearwaters Gallery in Cornwall, NY – In addition to local photography, original oils, pastels, and watercolors, this beautiful gallery also features very unique, antique prints of the Hudson Valley and historic West Point.

Hudson Valley Gallery in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY – This gallery is home to Paul Gould’s masterpieces—a long time resident of the Hudson Valley well-known for his landscape paintings of Ireland, New England, and the Hudson Valley. Many of Paul’s paintings are proudly displayed throughout the Caldwell House.

Strazza Art Gallery in Warwick, NY – If you are looking for incredible photographs and paintings, this is one gallery you need to check out. John Strazza captures incredible photos, often in black and white and Lisa Strazza is an abstract expressionist that creates beautiful, colorful canvases.

Take a tour of a beautiful gallery, dine at one of the award-winning restaurants in our area (the CIA restaurants are fabulous!) and spend a night or two, or more in an elegant room at The Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast. It sounds like a perfect holiday getaway! You can view all of our rooms and amenities and check availability online or feel free to call us at (845) 496-2954 for further information.


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