Tour Bannerman Island on the Estuary Steward

When place has a sense of mystery in its history, it just makes it that much more interesting to visit. This is definitely true of the iconic Bannerman Island, located 1,000 feet from the eastern shore of the Hudson River and about 50 miles north of New York City. Through the end of October, 2014 you can take a tour of this beautiful island and the remains of a castle that lure you to go exploring. Who lived here? Who built this place? What happened? All of these answers and more can be found on a trip on the Estuary Steward, a passenger boat that offers a 2-½ hour excursion that is fun and extremely informational.

Also known as Pollepel, this popular tourist spot and landmark of the area has a very interesting story. Frank Bannerman VI was a Scottish patriot who even as a young lad was a great entrepreneur and helped his father build the family business called Bannerman’s. Over time it became the world’s largest buyer of surplus military equipment. In 1900, after his son David saw Pollepel, Frank decided it was the perfect place to store his large quantity of goods and bought the island from the Taft family. He began work on a simulated Scottish castle right away and took 17 years to design and create every special aspect of the island. Frank died in 1918 and then the family sold the castle to New York State in 1967. Then, in the summer of 1969, a raging fire destroyed all of the buildings. What was left is still what remains today – the remains of what once was an incredible home steeped in history.

A tour on the Estuary Steward offers a 2-½ hour excursion that also includes a walking tour of the island. There is a 72-step climb from the dock to the start of the tour and some rough terrain along the way so visitors are encouraged to wear sturdy walking shoes.


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Cruising down the Hudson River offers a glimpse you don’t see everyday and the fall season is a perfect time as the variety of colors come to life.

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