The History of Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast

This beautifully restored colonial was built while Thomas Jefferson was president. Much of the house looks today exactly as it did when the house first opened!

John Caldwell, (born circa 1742) was a successful businessman in the production of linen near the town of Ballymoney, County Antrim, in the northern part of Ireland. John, his wife, Elizabeth Calderwood and their 12 children lived on an estate called Harmony Hill, in the hamlet now known as Balnamore.

John, Sr. and two of his sons, John Jr. and Richard, were involved in an organization for greater autonomy for the Irish. Inspired by the American success in 1783 against the British and the French Revolution of 1789, they joined with the “United Irishmen,” as they were called, and rebelled against the British in 1798. The Crown aggressively and quickly put down the Revolt. An eviction notice was served on John Caldwell and the Harmony Hill Estate was burned to the ground. The family soon left Ireland and made its way to the United States.

In 1802, John Caldwell purchased about 50 acres from William Denning for $12,500. The houses flanking both sides of this house (# 21 which we also own and will be restoring, and # 31, which we do not own) were part of the purchase. “Here am I at length by the goodness and mercy of my God, on this the first day of April 1803 comfortably settled, with my four daughters, on my own estate at Blooming Grove, Orange County, NY.” he wrote in the family Bible. Sadly, not long after writing these words, John Caldwell died (he is buried in the family cemetery on the Barnhouse property along with several generations of Caldwells). Unable to find Liberty in his homeland, he found Liberty and Freedom for his family in America.

There is an incredibly rich history in this area of the country and the Caldwells played a role in shaping this region. We love to talk about that history with our guests over breakfast.

We are so pleased that you are considering a stay with us at the Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast, and we are pleased to offer our variety of beautiful and unique accommodations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone at any time. We look forward to having you with us!

The House & Grounds

The Great Room
The Great Room was once the upper level of the original Caldwell Barn. It was completely renovated in 2014, The magnificent balcony offering a panoramic view of our lovely landscaped 8 acres, and fireplace set the stage for our delicious home-made breakfasts. In addition, one floor below the Great Room is a Bridal Suite where a bridal party can gather to dress and prepare for the big event. There is also a separate Spa area where couples massages are available.

The Parlor
Experience the pleasures of early 19th-century living at our romantic inn. Relax in the same room that John Caldwell and his family did more than 210 years ago. The Parlor, with its classic ceilings, crown molding, beautiful marble-trimmed fireplace, Hudson Valley landscape paintings, a comfy sofa, and beautiful individual chairs provides guest with a place to relax, read, or chat with other guests.

On the cooler evenings, light the gas fireplace to help get the chill out!

The Front Room
”If the walls could talk”….The Front Room with its elegantly curved back wall, marble-trimmed coal-burning fireplace, dining table and chairs and two easy chairs. On quiet days, take advantage of the high-speed Wi-Fi and use the room as your “away office.”

We have stocked the rooms with all sorts of games ranging from cards, to checkers and chess, backgammon, Risk, Scrabble and many more. Enjoy genuine hospitality and thoughtfully appointed lodging accommodations while visiting the awesome lower Hudson Valley.

The Grounds
There are many gardens and “quiet spaces” on our property where you can enjoy relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.