Planning Your Wedding in the Hudson Valley

If you are one of the lucky couples that recently became engaged, your mind is probably reeling with all sorts of wedding questions, like, when and where. If New York is under consideration (as it should be), we suggest planning your wedding in the Hudson Valley. There are many reasons why the Hudson Valley should be at the top of your list. So do some research, plan a weekend to investigate venues and vendors, and see why the Hudson Valley can be your dream location.

What are the most important decisions to make when planning your wedding? 

  • Communication with each other about size, season, and formality
  • Location (the city where you live or elsewhere)
  • Date Range
  • Budget

Once you have set these parameters, the fun part of planning begins!

Why Choose the Hudson Valley

Many recent weddings take place over an entire weekend instead of just a single afternoon or evening event. Why is this happening? Many guests need to travel to arrive at the wedding location. You will find that numerous Hudson Valley venues have both indoor and outdoor spaces, which offers you versatility for including both the ceremony and the reception. There are also options in case of inclement weather. 

The Hudson Valley is also a very convenient location from New York City, less than a two-hour drive from some areas. A short drive makes it exceptionally easy for guests who live in the metropolitan area or are flying into the city.

Who Will Assist with Wedding Planning

Once the general location is selected, you must decide whether to make all the arrangements yourself or hire a wedding planner. Many busy couples choose the latter, and if you do, you are in luck! We have numerous wedding planners in our area who are familiar with venues, caterers, bands, florists, and the myriad of other professionals that will be part of the wedding design.

Use Us as Your Home Base

Making all these decisions can be fun, but it can quickly turn a bit stressful. We would like you to come and feel comfortable before, during, and after meetings with wedding professionals. As a member of the Diamond Collection Group of Inns, we can ensure that your visit is tailored to your needs, stress-free, and an experience you will not forget. Our historic 14-room inn is elegant yet comfortable.

 The Connemara House has a large covered porch, and in addition, there is a luxurious Bridal Lounge that offers privacy and the ideal space for a bridal party to relax as they prepare for the special day.

We are close to all kinds of activities, shopping, dining, museums, galleries, and outdoor fun when you and your bridal party visit to commence or continue planning for your wedding in the Hudson Valley. Of course, we would love to be where you and your guests stay during your wedding celebration. Caldwell House is the perfect hub for your special day.


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