Civil War Reenactment Weekend at Museum Village

Group of soldiers in civil war costume - image by matt briney unsplash.comHow are you with your knowledge of history? Did you know that the Civil War happened from 1861-1865 and that Abraham Lincoln was the president at that time? Power and slavery were the issues at hand and in the end, the North, with more men and war materials, won the war. A lot of the important battlefields have been and are being taken over by development. We have to work hard to keep history alive and the Museum Village in nearby Monroe, NY is dedicated to doing just that! If you are a history buff you need to come our way to experience their Civil War Reenactment Weekend.

Museum Village opened in 1950 after founder Roscoe William Smith had spent over 40 years collecting historical artifacts. Today you’ll find educational programs, hands-on exhibits, and many special events throughout the year. The Civil War Weekend at the village is one of their premier events and this year marks its 42nd anniversary. Taking place September 2nd from 10am-5pm and September 3rd from 10am-4pm, this popular event brings living historians—dressed in authentic period costumes to portray an accurate atmosphere of the time period.

You’ll see representations of Federal and Confederate infantry and artillery, medical demonstrations, reenactments of Civil War tactics and troop movements, and much more. It is an exciting event and one that every age will enjoy. It brings history alive for the young ones who will love to see history unfold before their eyes and brings back memories for those old enough to remember stories being shared from grandparents and great grandparents. You can find ticket information and further details here.

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