How to Stay Healthy When Stuck at Home

Welcome back friends! As you can see our theme today is following the current situation going on around the world with Covid-19 keeping people at home. We certainly miss greeting guests, meeting new friends and helping people enjoy traveling around the Hudson Valley. The time will come soon enough though and until then, we will make the best of it! We encourage you to still make your future travel plans – give yourself something fun to look forward to when this health situation finally gets under control. We are still accepting reservations and are always available to help plan your next getaway. For now, we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to stay healthy (and sane!) when you are stuck at home. If you are feeling a bit down or stir crazy, these tips below should boost your mood.

Stick to a meal schedule – During a time like this, it’s easy to realize how much we actually eat out when we are staying home and cooking. If you can spend some time planning out your meals for a week or two at a time it will help avoid going out to the store more than necessary and it will help you eat a more balanced diet. When left up in the air, it’s easier to snack or overindulge so a little planning will help you stay on track with your health.

Gym closed? Take it outdoors – Don’t let your gym being closed be an excuse for becoming a couch potato. There are so many options for virtual workouts making it easy to keep up with a fitness routine. If anything, take a walk around your neighborhood. For those of us in the Hudson Valley, we are blessed with a myriad of places to go hiking – check out our past blog posts of places to hike near our bed and breakfast in Salisbury Mills.

Pay attention to your mental state – Times like these can cause stress and anxiety and for those having to be isolated, depression is a real danger. Be self-aware to know when you need a mental boost. First, get lots of sleep and second, stay in touch with your friends and family. Third, put down the news and social media and instead enjoy some uplifting music, a comedy show on TV or an encouraging podcast.

If you are feeling low or sluggish, chances are one of the three things above needs to be addressed. Don’t be afraid to call a friend or reach out to help if you need it!

We are looking forward to an incredible season at our bed and breakfast once travel is allowed and we can once again fill rooms to the brim with guests; new and returning. If you’re looking forward to a summer getaway, don’t forget about our flexible cancellation policy. We will refund your deposit up to 10 days prior to your arrival date, minus a $50 service charge (after that date, your total booking amount will not be refundable). So, you can safely plan for that much-needed vacation this summer!

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