Great French Restaurant Nearby





Vinum Cafe

84 Brotherhood Plaza Dr, 
Washingtonville, NY 10992
(845) 496-9001


The Vinum Cafe, located at the Brotherhood Winery, has established itself as a Caldwell House guest’s favorite bar and restaurant.

Located just 2 miles from the Caldwell House in Washingtonville, NY, Vinum  offers fine dining, a fabulous selection of wines and liquors, a cafe with lighter fare, a tapas bar, private wine tastings and private parties from 15 to 150 with a French touch. All at reasonable prices. 

 Executive Chef/owner Christian Pierelle has 25 years in the culinary field and was a frequent guest on the Joan Hamburg Show on WOR Radio
With its lovely brick wall interior, hanging copper pots and mahogany bar you will say ” c’est bon” at the end of your meal.

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