6 Things to Do on the Hudson River

Caldwell House’s proximity to the Hudson River can be seen as a secret blessing. Why a secret blessing? There are so many things to do on our amazing waterway —  water activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, and more!  After a short history lesson, we want to share our love of the water with a guide to our favorite 6 things to do on the Hudson River.

Don’t worry, there are suggestions for all levels of activity! Once you realize how much fun can be had on and near the water, you won’t want to wait to book your stay at our historic bed and breakfast. 

Hudson River History

In case you forgot from your history class, the Hudson River is 315 miles long, stretching from Lake Tear of the Clouds to the Atlantic Ocean in New York City Harbor. It became an important trade route from New York to the Midwest with the completion of three canals (the Erie, the Delaware and Hudson, and the Champlain). It was named after explorer Henry Hudson, who visited the area in the early 1600s, although the early native American name for the river was Mahecunnetuk (water that flows both ways).

Nowadays, the Hudson River Valley has many recreational uses, including boating, fishing, and kayaking. There have been many efforts in the past 30 years to clean pollutants from the water, making it safe to swim. Here are our 6 favorite river-relating outings.

River Cruises and Tours

There is a touring boat, the Pride of the Hudson that departs multiple times during the week for two-hour tours. Beginning at Pride’s Landing in Newburgh, NY, the narrated trip includes views of Washington’s Headquarters, Bannerman Island, with its famous Scottish Castle replica, and West Point. You will travel over the deepest point of the Hudson River. Feel free to sit on the deck, or in the comfort of the climate-controlled cabin. There are special event tours as well, like Fireworks Cruises, or Murder Mystery Cruises.

Hudson River Adventures
Pride’s Landing, Newburgh NY
(845) 220-2120

For a Hudson River tour going in the opposite direction, try Hudson River Valley Sightseeing Cruises. This cruise passes by many mansions of the well-to-do, like the Vanderbilt mansion, the Windcliff Mansion, and the Dinsmore. You will also see several Hudson River lighthouses.

Hudson River Valley Sightseeing Cruises
1 E Strand St, Kingston NY
(845) 340-4700


If your idea of fun on the river includes paddling, we have the outfitters! Mountain Valley Guides has kayak tours for both beginner and experienced kayak enthusiasts. You can choose one of many tours, including a paddle to Bannerman Island, or a sunset ride. For the more playful ride, try Paddles and Pints, with stops at two breweries.

Mountain Valley Guides
2 Idlewild Ave, Cornwall-on-Hudson NY
(245) 661-1923

Storm King Adventure Tours is another outfitter with many choices of kayaking tours for all levels of experience. How about a Full Moon Tour, or Hidden Cove? Plan on excursions from 2 to 4 hours in length.

Storm King Adventure Tours
4 Duncan Ave, Cornwall-on-Hudson NY
(245) 661-1923


If you want to try your hand at fishing, you will need to register with the state of NY if you are over 16 years old. The most common types of fish are striped bass, channel catfish, and smallmouth bass. An easy place to drop a line is Long Dock Park in nearby Beacon, NY. Many fish have been recorded from the areas of Croton Point and Piermont. 

If you are looking to charter a boat to fish on the Hudson River, Reel Addicted Charters docks in Port Ewen with an experienced captain and will take you out for either 6 or 8 hours trips.

Reel Addicted Charters
1st St, Port Ewen NY
Online booking only

Swimming and Paddleboarding

If you are looking for a place to swim or paddleboard, then Long Dock Park is the place to go. The Park has a fascinating story of being reclaimed from being an industrial wasteland to a scenic space with environmental art. Paddleboards and kayaks are available for rent, and there are picnic spots and walking trails.

Long Dock Park
Long Dock Rd, Beacon NY

Lighthouse Tour

When you think of water, lighthouses may come to mind. You may think that lighthouses were only built on ocean coastlines, but you would be mistaken. There are more than a half dozen lighthouses along the Hudson River. Spend the day on a self-guided lighthouse tour and learn the history of these beacons. Some are operational, others are not.


One of the greatest pleasures of a summer day is to dine outside, and dining by the water makes it all the more entertaining. Here are 5 restaurants with views of the Hudson River while dining:

A visit to the Hudson River Valley needs to be on your bucket list! We have given you 6 things to do on the Hudson River, but there are many other fun activities that aren’t river-related. Make sure you plan enough time to include everything! Book your stay today, and don’t miss a thing.


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