Spring Gardening Checklist: 5 Tips and Ideas

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” – Robin Williams

With the current stay at home orders happening in many states across the U.S., many people are looking for fun and creative ways to stay occupied and make the best of their “new normal.” Have you found any unique ways to pass the time? We’d love to know so comment below! The above quote from actor Robin Williams is a reminder that one thing we can celebrate and be happy about is the fact that spring is here! Getting outdoors and either tending to your garden or try some new landscaping ideas is a great way to boost your spirits and stay busy at home. We’ve rounded up some tips and ideas to get you started!

Top to Bottom Clean Up – Take a survey of the yard to do a clean sweep tidy up from top to bottom. Look up and see what tree limbs need to be trimmed up or removed. Then move to the ground and rake up old leaves in your beds, cut down the previous year’s perennial foliage, and refresh your mulch.  This is a good time to start a compost pile or compost bin if you haven’t already

Prune and Divide – Now is the time to do some good pruning if you did not take care of it before winter. It is really important to prune before the buds begin to bloom or you can cause stress to the tree and end up with a tiny crop or possibly none at all. Lots of perennials get so large that you can divide and multiply them to get more bang for your buck. Spring is the time to do this before their growth has begun.

Get Your Veggies In – There are many vegetables like peas, lettuce, potatoes, artichokes, and spinach that germinate best in cool soil. Get these in the ground once your soil is thawed and they will be ready to enjoy by early summer.

Be Ready if Temperatures Drop – If you live in an area where a late spring frost is possible, be ready to cover up all of your hard work! You can use old sheets or towels – don’t use plastic or tarps as they can make the temperature even colder for emerging buds.

Create the Mood – If we will be spending more time at home, then make it a place that brings some Zen into your life. Create an outdoor space that is fun, relaxing and enjoyable to be in. Order some updated outdoor furniture or create a firepit for the family to enjoy evening s’mores. Hang some outdoor lighting or even try wrapping your trees with string lights to create an enchanted forest effect.

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