Thanksgiving Ideas from Caldwell House Bed & Breakfast

Happy Thanksgiving friends! In a year with so much uncertainty and challenges, we all may face the holiday season this year with a different perspective. Things have definitely been different here at the Caldwell House as we have weathered the various rules and regulations that COVID-19 has brought. However, we are open and still welcoming guests and for that we are very grateful! Knowing this holiday season will be different for many, we wanted to just send a bit of encouragement and offer a few ways to stay thankful, with some ideas for new traditions you might want to try! Here are some Thanksgiving ideas from Caldwell House B&B.

Happy Hearts Make Healthy Hearts

Obviously, we spend a lot of the day on Thanksgiving planning and preparing for a big, delicious feast. But, it is important to pause, especially during challenging times, and remember all of the blessings in our lives. Did you know that the practice of noticing and being thankful for what is valuable and meaningful to you is actually good for your mental and physical health? According to the American Heart Association, the practice of gratitude can improve your immune system, lower your risk for mental issues, and help you handle stress.

Thanksgiving Ideas

If you have a family, try creating an “A to Z” list and come up with something you are thankful for to match every letter of the alphabet. Perhaps gift a loved one with a gratitude journal they can use throughout the year. You can also make a “Thankful Jar” in which you can put little notes of things you are thankful for as they come up and then next year at this time, take them all out and reminisce over your blessings. Stay connected to other people and show your gratitude by being generous with others or finding ways to give back to your community, friends and family.

Gratitude does not have to be complicated. The sun shining, some laughs with a friend over FaceTime, a delicious home cooked meal… simple things that can make us smile throughout the day.

We are very thankful for all of the support we have received during this season and we look forward to whatever lies ahead! From all of us here at the Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast, we hope all of our friends, family, and guests have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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