Irish Knitting and Stay Package at The Caldwell House, NY

Balls of yarn of different colorsThe art of knitting goes back many years and we are sure many of you can remember having a grandmother create special gifts with just two needles and a spool of yarn. We found some unique facts about knitting that may surprise you! Did you know that the world’s fastest knitter is from the Netherlands and she can knit 118 stitches in one minute? A man named David Babcock entered the Guinness World Record when he completed the Kansas City Marathon all the while knitting a 12-ft long scarf. Knitting promotes relaxation, which can lower your blood pressure and early knitting needles were usually made from ivory, tortoise shell, or bone.

At The Caldwell House Bed and Breakfast, we are always trying to offer unique and special packages for our guests. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we are offering our Knit Me, I’m Irish Package. This is a really fun one, as you will have the chance to knit your very own Irish Cable Scarf under the guidance of Gail Parrinello. She is the owner of Cornwall Yarn Shop nearby and has graciously offered to come in to help with our knitting classes. Classes are open to the guests and the public for those who have mastered the basics and will take place March 9, March 16, March 23, and March 30, 2015.

For guests taking advantage of this unique package, it includes a 3-night stay at The Caldwell House for the price of 2, the knitting class and all supplies for two, and of course gourmet three-course breakfasts each morning. This package starts at $530 per couple plus tax. So get your knitting needles packed up and join us! There is a host of great things to do in this area and we can point you to our favorite restaurants, art galleries, outdoor activities, shopping, and more. Contact us today at (845) 496-2954 for more information or book directly online.

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